What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field

ExxonMobil, Starbucks, Tangerine Bank, and many other companies are a few examples of companies that offer consumer services. These companies are headquartered in the United States and offer a range of goods and services to a wide variety of consumers. These companies offer excellent products and services and are considered leaders in their field. In addition to their success in the consumer industry, these companies have plans to improve the lives of people in the communities they serve. Think of the companies you know about. What companies are in the consumer services field? The following paragraphs will provide a more detailed discussion of the topic.


The ExxonMobil Company is involved in a variety of consumer services. It has an extensive position in the field of liquefied natural gas (LNG). In fact, the company’s PNG LNG project recently reached a production capacity of 8.3 million tonnes per year. It is the largest project ever undertaken in Papua New Guinea, and it has greatly contributed to the country’s economic development. It also has a number of community programs that are focused on health, education, agriculture, and women’s empowerment.

The company uses advanced technology to meet the needs of its customers. It is the world’s largest publicly traded company and is the leading marketer of oil and gas products, lubricants, and specialty chemicals. Its commitment to innovation ensures that it is able to offer high quality products at competitive prices, while its exceptional workforce provides a competitive edge.


Target is a major retail chain in the United States, with over 350,000 employees. The company has a wide range of products that can be found in its stores, from electronics to furniture to clothing. The company specializes in many different types of goods, and its stores are located across the country. Founded in 1902, Target has over 1,851 locations and 39 distribution centers across the country.

During the 9/11 attacks, Target provided product and monetary donations for the relief efforts. It also donated to disaster relief efforts in 2004, following the tsunami that devastated South Asia. The company also donated $1.5 million to the American Red Cross in 2005. It also allowed its stores to act as command centers for relief organizations, providing supplies such as bug spray and water. Throughout the year, Target also donates seasonal merchandise to Goodwill Industries.


Starbucks has a sizable social media presence, and recently focused on building its digital presence. It has a strong Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and an Instagram account. It is also active on Google+ and Pinterest. It is testing out new technologies and incentives for consumers, such as curbside pickup.

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Starbucks has a very specific target audience, primarily white-collar, educated professionals. Many of their customers are also health conscious. The company is working on a corporate plan that aims to promote health and wellness and be a good example of socially responsible business. As a socially conscious business, it aims to make the customer feel appreciated and wanted.

As an organization, Starbucks focuses on optimizing its capacity. They also develop processes that can adapt to sudden fluctuations in demand. They also strive to provide outstanding customer service. In addition to this, they are committed to providing superior quality products.

Tangerine Bank

The bank has an impressive history of innovation and technology. In 2016, the company embarked on a digital Client experience project. This effort included the integration of Meniga’s technology and its transaction enrichment and reporting tools across Tangerine’s web and mobile channels. Today, Tangerine is a leading digital bank in Canada, with a customer base of two million clients. As the company moves forward, it aims to grow its client base to three million by focusing on the three growth areas of digital, mobile and traditional banking.

Tangerine’s consumer offerings include a free account with no monthly fees, competitive interest rates, free ATM withdrawals, and Interac e-Transfers. The bank also offers a variety of financial products, including mortgages and loans. Deposits are insured up to $100,000, and the bank’s mobile app gives customers access to their accounts any time.


Pfizer is a global company, with a diversified portfolio of products. Its commercialized product portfolio is used for various consumer health applications. This portfolio helps Pfizer remain competitive and to better cope with the changing product portfolio. Its commercialized product portfolio also helps Pfizer secure actionable leads.

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and is listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is also known for launching some of the world’s most innovative products. It is the first company to market a single pill to treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol, known as the dual-targeted Caduet. Other products developed by Pfizer include Lyrica, which is approved for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and postherpetic neuralgia. It is also approved for the adjunctive treatment of partial-onset seizures in adults.

Pfizer is making changes within its organization. The company is integrating its existing business units. This is done to better focus on its core business and create a better overall business. The innovative medicines business will continue to account for three-quarters of Pfizer’s revenues, while the established medicine business will account for the remaining one-quarter. In addition, the company will provide updated financial reporting beginning with its first quarter 2019 earnings report.


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