Types Of Knives You Can Find In A Monthly Knife Box Subscription

Types Of Knives You Can Find In A Monthly Knife Box Subscription

Are you a knife or hunting enthusiast? If you are, then you are in the right place.

Getting the best knives to suit your needs is a very intricate process. One of the best strategies you can employ to get excellent knives for whatever use you may have for them is getting a good knife subscription box.

Subscription boxes ordinarily provide you with various options to choose from over time. That is why you need a subscription box with an excellent choice of knives in their catalog.

If you are unsure which knives to expect when going to a subscription box service, here are a few options you can look for.

1. Lord & Field Dungaree Denim Micarta Folding Knife

Have you ever gone out in the wilderness and needed a knife that you can discreetly put away? Then the Lord & Field Dungaree Denim Micarta Folding Knife is the ideal choice of knife to have in your monthly knife box.

This blade is a must-have for people who need access to a knife that can serve all kinds of bushcraft needs.

Whether you want to clear out the thicket in a small enclosure or carve off the bark of a tree to mark out your position, this kind of knife can come in handy.

Remember, this blade also has a beautiful handle, which makes it an excellent gift to share with a friend.

1. Lord & Field Dungaree Denim Micarta Folding Knife 

2. Fixed Blade Knives

Simplicity is critical when it comes to knives. At times, all you need is a ready-to-use knife that doesn’t have any fancy mechanisms to it. In such situations, fixed-blade knives will do the trick for you.

A fixed-blade knife has a blade that runs from the tip of the knife to the tip of the handle. This is advantageous for people who need strong knives.

Since the knife is not attached to the blade using a spring mechanism or any attachment joint, it is stable when in use. Such knives are appropriate in hunting situations, everyday use, and tactical combat since you only need to draw them for use.

3. Kitchen Knives

A conversation on knives would not be complete without talking about kitchen knives.

Kitchen knives are arguably one of the most common types people expect to find in subscription boxes. It is important to note that kitchen knives come in different categories depending on your intended use.

For instance, you can have serrated bread knives, ideal for cutting bread and cake. Alternatively, you can go for the sharp butcher’s knives suitable for cutting meat, bones, and all kinds of butcher-related material. When it comes to kitchen knives, investing in the best kitchen utility knives is essential. These versatile knives are designed for various kitchen tasks, making them a valuable addition to any culinary enthusiast’s collection.

In case you are feeling fancy, you can also add a knife sharpener to the ensemble.

4. Tactical Knives

Whenever someone hears the phrase “tactical gear,” their mind is drawn to some of the action movies of the late 90s, such as Rambo and Commando. However, a tactical knife can have many uses besides its use among the military and special forces. That is why it is essential for any subscription box.

Tactical knives have specialized features that make them ideal for hunting. For example, you can find a tactical knife with gut hooks and serrated edges. While some people find these knives slightly heavier than others, no one can deny their usefulness in any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal.

5. EDC Knives

A knife is essential, especially for people who like exploring the outdoors. EDC knives mean everyday carry knives that can serve multiple purposes simultaneously. A typical EDC knife would be lightweight but nifty enough to perform all the required tasks.

In a subscription box, an EDC knife helps prepare users for any everyday activity. For instance, the knife can be useful in cutting rope, opening packages, and opening items when outside. Regardless of what you intend to do, an EDC knife is a must-have.

5. EDC Knives 

6. Multi Tools

A multi-tool knife is an essential knife to have in any subscription box. Imagine a knife that can perform any task you need, whether outdoors or indoors. Then it is the multi-tool knife that needs to be in your subscription box.

Multi-tool knives were originally proposed for military personnel. However, in recent times, manufacturers have begun to add nifty everyday tools to make them accessible to every person. Do not be surprised to find items such as can openers, bottle openers, corkscrews, and nail cutters on your multi-tool knife.

Final Words

Subscription boxes ordinarily come with a variety of items. Hence, going for the subscription box guarantees you a variety of knives that will knock your knife game out of the park. The knives above illustrate what you might get if you choose a knife subscription box.

If you are interested in exploring a unique kind of knife, you can contact your subscription service provider and suggest the options you might need. Such a conversation will open the interactions between you and your service provider and guarantee the quality you need anytime you pay for a subscription box.


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