Tutflix.org? Yeah, Free Community to Develop Your Skills Online

Tutflix.org? Yeah, Free Community to Develop Your Skills Online

The current outbreak of pandemic has affected everybody’s lives, especially students. It is a hard time for students as they are deprived to study. Therefore, most education departments have launched an online education system in which students can study online to end study deprivation. Tutflix.org is one such online learning platform. Therefore, read this article till the end to know more about Tutflix online education community.

What is Tutflix?

Tutflix is an online learning platform. Tutflix is a combination of two words “Tut and Flix”. Here Tut means ‘tutorial’ and Flix means ‘Film’. This is because they deliver knowledge and skills through video courses. This education community not only provides paid courses, but it also offers numerous free courses. It entirely depends upon the users’ preference which one they want to take. Users can learn courses in various languages to gain knowledge and enhance their skills. So, it does not matter whether you understand English or not, you can pick courses in your regional language.

Being a student, if you are looking for an online learning portal that will help you in providing ample knowledge, then Tutflix is an ideal option for you. The best part about this portal is, it offers a plethora of free courses that include over 3000 classes. Not only students, but also  other individuals can also expand their knowledge using this learning platform by sitting at their couch.

Advantages of Tutflix

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • High quality customer support
  • Free of cost courses
  • Diverse content

Disadvantages of Tutflix

  • Reading material may include malware
  • Sometimes user receive answer to their problems after so long
  • There are internal errors and bugs on the website
  • All the contents on websites can be removed or edited at any time

Major Reasons to Choose Tutflix

Here are some reasons that convince users to choose Tutflix over other online learning portals:

Massive collection of readings

This learning platform has a vast library of reading materials. Its database has more than 3000 materials for reading which make it possible for users to acquire knowledge from a wide range of education sources.

Freely accessible

The supreme advantage of using Tutflix is, users can access it without any cost. This portal doesn’t charge any fee for all their services and users can attend classes for free.

No controversial content

The other prime reason to choose this platform is, it does not contain any controversial material. This portal is aiming at helping you become more proficient in a variety of learning areas.

Excellent customer service

Tutflix has a separate team that handles user responses and their complaints amazingly. Users can get all the responses to their queries within 48-72 hours which is appreciable.

User interface is impressive

A simple user interface is available on the website that is easy to use. Even non-technical users can also use it. However, they regularly update the platform’s interface to increase engagement.

Steps to register on Tutflix.org online

Registering for Tutflix is not a difficult task. You might see message that forum registration is closed due to high spam.

Some times the message is “Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console”. Don’t worry, they generally open registrations on Friday.

Steps to register on Tutflix.org online

You just need to follow the below mentioned instructions so that you can register the Tutflix.org education community without any inconvenience.

Step 1: Open the browser and visit the official website “tutflix.org”.

Step 2: In the top center of the website’s homepage, you will see a login/register button.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Register’ button.

Step 4: Enter the required information that is ‘username’ and ‘Email’.

Step 5: Then set a secure password.

Step 6: Enter your ‘Location’.

Step 7: Now, read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and approve it.

Step 8: Finally click ‘Register’

After following this procedure, your account will be created successfully. However, you must verify it by confirming the confirmation email sent by Tutflix.org to your Email account.

A Forum for Free Educational Resources

A  forum can be described as a place where you can obtain a wide range of information about diverse topics. You can learn many courses online, discuss your problems with each other, help others and even contribute your resources. Let’s have a look at different areas which you can develop using this platform.

Web development

Web development is the most demanding skill for obtaining employment. If you seek to master your web development skills then Tutflix platform is the right place for you. Here you can learn courses like web development, programming languages, data science, game development, software testing databases, software engineering and many more.

Web designing

Do you have a keen interest in web designing because of its wide scope? If so, you can use this portal to learn web designing, graphic designing, game design, UI/UX design as well as animation video editing.

IT and software

Users having interest in information technology can gain ample knowledge to develop their skills in operating systems, information technology security, networking and hardware & software.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a requirement of today’s business. Nowadays, companies are hiring  only skilled digital marketers who have capability to grow their business via websites and other social platforms. Through Tuflix you can learn search engine optimization(SEO), search engine marketing(SEM) affiliate, facebook ads, email marketing, traffic generator etc to develop yourself into an expert.

Prepare for an interview

You can pick the subject of your interest and gain the information to answer any questions related to it. This way, the platform assists you in preparing for an interview.


This portal also allows you to study topics that align with your interest and hobbies. Such as art and craft, photography, videography, food & beverages, makeup, film &TV, gaming, travel and a lot more.

Tutflix Community – General Discussion Rules

Every offline as well as online platform has its own rules and regulations. Tutfix also has certain general discussion rules and regulations to be followed by users. Read the below described rules carefully:

  • Don’t post any similar website link as a download link or reference.
  • Posting download links or asking for download links of any content directly in the general section is not allowed.
  • Don’t post a course request, the thread will be removed and your account will receive a warning.
  • Make sure to create a thread title appropriately that is clear to read.
  • The official language of Forum is English so make sure to post only in English.
  • Don’t post any controversial topic.

Make sure to strictly follow these rules because your account will be banned for violating these rules.

Few Things to Keep in Mind

Apart from general discussion rules, here are a few things that you should consider while using Tutflix:

  • You should be cautious while creating multiple accounts because the site can ban you for doing so.
  • This website never sends any promotional email or messages. So be careful before clicking any vulnerable link.
  • You will only receive email notifications after joining a thread or making a post on it.

Other alternative websites like Tutflix

There are other alternative platforms which provide the same functionality as Tutflix. Some of those platforms are:

  • Coursed.com
  • Dlecouse.com
  • Coursestodwnload.com
  • Tutnetflix.com
  • Course24h.com


Hence, we can see that Tutflix is the best online learning platform which helps in making your education and performance better. We hope you gained some productive information from this article.

FAQ About Tutflix

Ques 1) How many online courses does Tutflix provide?

Ans) Tutflix provides thousands of online courses and valuable information via videos.

Ques 2) Is there any chance of risk associated with Tutflix?

Ans) There is no risk associated with Tutflix. However, it is possible that the reading materials may contain malware because it does not have an extensive level of web security. Make sure to install a good antivirus software to your system before you download these files.

Ques 3) What is the full form of Tutflix?

Ans) Tutflix is a combination of two words ‘Tut’ and ‘Flix’. ‘Tut’ means ‘tutorial’ and ‘Flix’ means ‘film’.

Ques 4) What is the cost of Tutlix org?

Ans) You can access educational courses from Tutflix org for free.

Ques 5) What is difference between Tutflix.org and Tutflix IO?

Ans) Tutflix.org and Tutflix IO both are the same and used for online education purposes. Users can either access courses through their laptops or they can download it’s official app on their mobile phones. Users can access the Tutflix app from both platforms IOS as well as Android.

Ques 6) What is Tutflix Public?

Ans) A user does not have to create a account on Tutflix Public in order to view course videos or content. This is very helpful for users that are facing issues in registration on official site.

Ques 7) What type of study material is available on Tutflix Public?

Ans) A user can learn about business, digital marketing, designing, IT and software, personal development and more courses here.


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