Top Tile Trends for A Look at What’s In and Out


After several years of cooler neutrals, warm hues are making a comeback. Tile designers are also getting creative with shapes, textures, and grout art.

Curves are everywhere in this year’s tile trends, with updated wave, scallop, and fan shapes. Also popular are patterned tiles with distressed surfaces, such as hand scraping or wire brushing.

Subway Tile

Whether you’re a homeowner with classic taste or a fan of the farmhouse design, a white subway tile is in your home.

But a little tweak to this classic style can give it a new look. Consider experimenting with different tile patterns, such as herringbone or stacked bond. Or use a contrasting grout color to create a more defined and linear backsplash. And feel free to explore textured options, like brick or brushed metal. These subtle changes make the backsplash pop and add depth.

Subway tile may have risen to fame on walls, but it can also be a stunning choice for your floors. Whether in classic white or a rich shade of blue, this timeless design can help your home feel fresh and updated.

Stacked subway tiles align vertically directly above one another for a linear, simplified look that can work with many home styles. This trend pairs well with wood and stone look tile, such as glazed artisan tile.

High-color variation tile is another trend that will be around for a while. This looks more natural and rustic than traditional tile with a lot of uniform color.

Wood Look Tile

Wood flooring is a classic look that always stays in style. However, natural wood is only practical for some spaces and may be too expensive. This is where tile that looks like wood comes in, a popular trend that continues to gain traction.

Tile resembling natural wood has an earthy appeal, making a room feel warm and welcoming. There are several styles, including traditional wood planks and modern parquet patterns. You can even find textured tiles that replicate knotting and reclaimed wood textures.

Other decorative textured designs include raised detailing and grooves that establish eye-catching visual interest. And there are plenty of interesting shapes to choose from at tile shops in Chicago, including circular floor tiles that add a hint of modern whimsy.

Decorative Tile

Tile is a versatile design element that can elevate a room. It’s available in various colors, finishes, and shapes to create a bold statement. And it can be used on several surfaces, including floors, walls, and countertops in your home.

Tile companies showcase natural and untreated wood looks, which fit into wellness design trends, and oversized slabs that simplify home maintenance. They are also showcasing decorative tiles with a sense of texture.

From herringbone weaves to a glazed version of the basketweave pattern, homeowners can incorporate these tile designs into their remodeling plans. Bold color combinations, such as deep greens and fiery reds, are popular and add lively energy to a space.

Encaustic-Look Tile

Although encaustic tile was once popular, it may have officially passed its prime. It’s still popular with decorators, but it could be a while before homeowners catch on and start installing their lookalikes in DIY renovations.

The beauty of encaustic tile is that it comes in many different patterns and colors, including cooler tones like blue and green and warmer ones like red, pink, or orange. It also comes in era-specific styles that can complement historical homes.

Encaustic-look tile can add a unique touch to any space. Whether used as a bathroom backsplash or an accent wall, it’s the perfect way to bring artisanal style into your home. Combine it with unique materials and classic finishes to create a space that’s both timeless and today.

Arabesque Tile

Arabesque tile is among the most popular choices for bathroom and shower revamps. Manufacturers have created a variety of water-jet patterns that implement glass and stone in an arabesque shape.

Choose a dark-colored arabesque tile in the shade, such as black, and contrast it with white grout for a bold appearance. This style is an excellent option for creating an accented picture frame configuration or a floor-to-ceiling feature wall.

Picket tiles are another trend that has risen in popularity recently. This style features a zig-zag pattern that adds texture and visual interest to a room. Use it as backsplash tile in a traditional kitchen or as an eye-catching feature wall in your eclectic living room. This tile is available in various hues and materials, including marble.

Tile Planks

After years of cookie-cutter shapes and neutrals, bolder colors make their way into tile design.

Decorative tiles make a strong statement and offer creative choices that can transform your space into a work of art. They come in various colors and patterns to suit your personality and can be used on floors, walls, or backsplashes.

Tile makers incorporate subtle details into their porcelain styles to convey a sense of handmade beauty. A famous example is a decorative tile with gentle undulations that emulate manually applied thick glazes. This trend reflects the desire for authentic products and a connection to nature.


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