Top 3 Car VIN Decoder Websites In The US

Free VIN Check

The Internet has enabled us to access all the information that we cannot access in the past. Such as you can get a complete history of your vehicle by using the internet. The history contains the accidental history or the maintenance history of that particular vehicle.

Accessing the history of a vehicle has been possible after the introduction of the VIN number. You can check the VIN number of any vehicle online. For instance, if you have a Chevrolet then the Chevy VIN Decoder facility is provided to you. Besides this, you can look up the VIN numbers of  BMW, Ford, Toyota, and many more.

For the VIN lookup, you need a  VIN decoder site. Here we have described the 5 best car VIN decoder sites in the US on which you can rely. These are:

  1. Chevy-VIN-Decoder: Overall Best Car VIN Decoder Website
  2. Mercedes-VIN-Decoder: Best VIN Decoder With A Well-designed Interface
  3. Free VIN Check: The Most Easy-to-use VIN Decoder

1) Chevy-VIN-Decoder

1) Chevy-VIN-Decoder

Chevy-VIN-Decoder is one of the best free and reliable car VIN decoder sites. With the help of this VIN decoder, you can get a detailed report that contains all types of data such as the accident history. Additionally, you can also find out if the car has been stolen or not.

It is an authentic tool used by a lot of people for Chevrolet VIN lookup in the US. For more details about Chevy models, You can click this link for more information about Chevy models. It collects its data from various sources, that includes public records and some others. You can trust the results of the report. The process of car VIN decoding is not complicated, anyone can perform the task on their own.


  • 3 easy step process: The method of decoding a VIN number by Chevy-VIN-Decoder consists of only three steps. You just need to enter the VIN number, start the search and get the report.
  • Best to use before purchasing a used vehicle: if you are planning to buy a used Toyota then this decoder is the one best site that you must have to use to find all the previous details that you can find about a specific vehicle.
  • Authentic Results: It is connected to reliable sources. It is to ensure that all the information that you will get in your car VIN lookup report is not only authentic but also recently updated.


You may not find data if your car is new or very old (created before 1981).

2) Mercedes-VIN-Decoder

2) Mercedes-VIN-Decoder

Mercedes-VIN-Decoder provides easy access to all the public information about the vehicle you are searching for. It lets you get all the necessary information about your Mercedes including the records history photos and previous ownership details.

The platform supports almost all the Mercedes model VIN number lookups. At the site, you can check for the available models and can search for VIN using these models without investing money and time.


  • User-friendly Interface: The platform has a user-friendly interface which means that regardless of your experience or education you can understand it and find out how to use it by just visiting the website.
  • Free VIN Check: Mercedes-VIN-Decoder is also a free VIN check site just like Chevy-VIN-Decoder.


As the site is accessing the public record information so there are chances of getting gaps in the information.

3) Free VIN Check

Free VIN Check

Free VIN Check is also a very easy-to-use online VIN decoder. All the required guidelines are elaborated on its interface clearly. You can decode almost all types of car models’ VIN numbers free of cost here. It lets you get different records, history, and previous registration details that are helpful in making your buying decision.


  • Cover almost all public information about the related vehicles: Once you have provided the VIN number of the target vehicle at the site of Free VIN Check then you can expect to get almost all the public information that the vehicle has on the internet.
  • Available all the time: The platform is available all the time and anyone can access it.


As it covers almost all types of available information because of this reason you may find the report overcrowded with extra information that is unnecessary for you at that particular time.


Ques 1) Are The Serial Number And VIN Number The Same? 

Ans) VIN number also known as vehicle identification number is a 17-digit code that contains useful data about your vehicle including its manufacturing details, body type information, and history. The VIN number is also sometimes called a serial number but it is not just like any serial number it is a complete code containing a lot of useful information.

Ques 2) How Many Digits In A VIN Number? 

Ans) Every vehicle has a VIN number that consists of 17 digit code. This code can contain alphabets and numbers. Every vehicle has its own unique VIN number that is different from others. It is impossible to have the same VIN number on two or more vehicles.

Ques 3) What Is The 10 Digit VIN Number?

Ans) The VIN number contains 17 characters in which digits and alphabets are present. Every digit has specific data in which. If we talk about the 10th digit of the VIN number, contains information about the manufacturing year. So by decoding the 10th digit of your vehicle VIN number you can find at which year it was manufactured.

You can decode VIN using online platforms like Chevy-VIN-Decoder or can use the VIN year chart. Here years are present in front of the alphabet. There are some alphabets like I, O, Q, and Z that will never be present in the VIN so they are also not present in the VIN year chart.


Whether you are buying a used car or want to know more about your older car, the VIN decoder website can provide you with all the necessary details and history about the car. In the above article, the 5 best car VIN decoder websites are described along with their pros and cons. You should look at them if you are looking for free fast and authentic VIN number lookup tools.


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