The Consequences of Hiring Unqualified Truck Drivers

The Consequences of Hiring Unqualified Truck Drivers

Truck driving is not everyone’s cup of tea; it requires skills and a lot of patience to drive this huge vehicle safely. Driving a truck is very different from driving a car, so the training of truck drivers is entirely different from other professions. A truck is a heavy-duty vehicle used for carrying massive loads; this is also why driving a truck is so risky.

The global heavy-duty truck market size is large and lucrative, valued at more than USD 430 billion. Going by the market trends, this industry will witness a further growth rate of 5% in the upcoming years. This means that the demand for truck drivers will be higher. To meet the growing demands, companies end up hiring unqualified truck drivers and suffering the consequences later.

The rise in truck accidents is a direct result of hiring unqualified drivers. You could be a victim of a truck accident anytime in the US. You can overcome the consequences of truck accidents by choosing reputed law firms like Gallagher & Kennedy. Truck accident lawyers can help you recover the losses you incur from a truck accident.

The Reasons Unqualified Truck Drivers Get on the Road

With the ever-growing demand for shipping, the need for truck drivers is also at its peak. The biggest freight companies largely depend on their truck drivers to transport the goods from one part of the country to the other. Sometimes, this demand is so high that companies do not waste additional time training their drivers and believe their words that they are already trained.

Some drivers are so desperate for a job that they even hide their medical history or their addiction to alcohol, and that is what leads to bad consequences. Road accidents and freight damage are huge losses for any company, and with that comes legal troubles. Unqualified truck drivers can destroy the goodwill of a company and bring many challenges.

The Consequences

The consequences of hiring unqualified truck drivers are horrific. The effects of poor training are very obvious; it results in crashes and major accidents. The types of accidents common among truck drivers are:

Rollover Accidents

The deadliest type of truck accident is a rollover; this usually occurs during sharp turns or loss of balance. The truck gets rolled over multiple times and causes massive damage to the driver and the loads being carried.

Head-On Collision

It mainly occurs due to negligence or failure to pay attention. In most head-on collision cases, the result is a drowsy driver or consumption of alcohol and drugs.

A Jack-knife Accident

Jack-knifes are known to carry the heaviest loads; these trucks are so long that handling them requires a lot of skills. Especially during sharp bends and turns, handling a jack-knife becomes the most challenging, and an unqualified driver is bound to meet an accident.

Rear-End Accident

Failing to maintain the distance between other vehicles or the inability to calculate the distance required to be maintained often results in rear-end accidents. These accidents are the worst because they cause pile-ups and massive damage.

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Who is a Qualified Truck Driver?

It is indeed easy to determine whether a truck driver is qualified and fit for the role; you have to:

  • Check their background of past experiences.
  • They must be able to qualify for the written and vision tests.
  • Have knowledge of truck handling.
  • Ability to qualify for on-road skill tests.

Summing Up

Sometimes, unqualified truck drivers are so desperate for a job that they can pile up lies. The best way to judge their skills is to make them qualify through written, vision, and on-road tests. It doesn’t mean that unqualified drivers do not deserve a job in your company. All you have to do is provide proper training.


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