The 3 Keys To Success For Your Etsy Business

The 3 Keys To Success For Your Etsy Business

It is easier than ever to start a home-based business these days. One of the most popular is to start doing e-commerce since so many people are buying online. Since a lot of people are also looking for ethically sourced and handmade goods, Etsy has become one of the most popular platforms attracting millions of shoppers every day.

If you are a creative person that loves to craft and make art then you can make a living selling on Etsy. People are there to buy the types of things that you make so you should be there selling. In this article, we will go over what it takes to be successful on Etsy.

1) Have an optimized storefront

Your store has a front page that acts just like a storefront of a traditional store. You need to make sure it is inviting and clean so people will feel comfortable coming in and shopping there.

This means that you have to put up some nice-looking pictures, for starters. Make sure that some of the product pictures have a white background just like they do on Amazon. You can use a background remover online to do this. Then, have a lot of other pictures from many angles and the product in use so people can get an idea of how it should look if they buy it.

Have a description that helps the customers understand how you work and what they can expect from the store. If there is the possibility of doing custom orders then make a point of that here.

Any other relevant information should be easy to find such as shipping costs and how long it takes for them to get their order.

2) Calculate the costs

You’ll need to understand how much of a profit you can make when you sell a product otherwise you might be putting in a lot of effort for not much money. You’ll need to factor in the cost to make the product, how long it takes, and then how much you can expect to charge for it.

Add up the cost of the materials and then the fees that Etsy charges to get the cost of the product. Then find out how much you can charge for it by looking at similar items on Etsy and finding an average price. Subtract the costs from the price and you have the profit. Now just divide that by how long it takes to make one and you have your hourly pay for it.

3) Send traffic

You’ll need to take advantage of social media by building a following that you can send to your Etsy store. By creating content that people love you will build a fanbase of potential customers who will be willing to buy your goods.

Although there are millions of shoppers on the platform, don’t rely on the algorithm doing the work of sending them to your store. By doing both you can end up with lots of sales.


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