Seven Things to Know About Moonstone Jewelry


The most beautiful and marvelous stone, Moonstone has a brilliant appearance, with fabulous healing powers. When this stone is set into the sterling 925 silver to form a jewelry piece, it looks so magnificent that the person can not deny from buying the stone. The shine possessed by this stone is like on another level, but maintaining the brightness is also essential at the same. So, we will talk about the different points of the Moonstone in this blog. Let us dig into it.

  • The Appearance and The Color Properties

The Moonstone is found in different colors, like blue, green, brown, yellow, gray, black, and the blue moonstone jewelry is always in high demand. The stone can range from opaque to semitransparent and from white to even colorless with adularescence of silver or bluish or white color. India is the only country that produces the colored Moonstone. Although, the purest form of Moonstone is the glassy crystal with an electric blue shimmer. It is the variety of the feldspar group of minerals and is made of two specific minerals: the albite and orthoclase.

  • Advantages to The June Babies

The moonstone is the stone having association with the feminine power, mystery, psychic abilities. The stone has the unique softness in it with the shimmering effect in numerous colors. Anyone could wear the Moonstone jewelry, but it is specially made for June babies. It gives many benefits to these babies. It actually helps them in their inner growth and strength, promoting the inspiration to become a better person. Moreover the wearing the Moonstone will stabilize the wearer’s emotions, illuminating the light in their world.

Seven Things to Know About Moonstone Jewelry 2

However, the person born in the month of June who is starting a new venture can wear the Moonstone bracelet and take their venture to another level. The stone will push out the negative thoughts and will pull the forth positive ones, making the person’s life better.

  • Flaunting With The Moonstone

The light blue with the white shimmer stone would look fantastic when worn on the dark blue color dress, as the contrasting look would give the dress a unique style. The Moonstone necklace could be worn with office wear, like the white shirt and black pants or even in any red carpet event. The necklace can perfectly fit wedding occasions, giving the person a damn beautiful look, and people present there would, of course, stare towards it. Any dress with the plunging neckline would also be gorgeous with the necklace, as it would enhance the beauty of the wearer. The shimmering jewelry will have its own shine and is a versatile stone set into the sterling 925 silver jewelry.

  • The Shapes and Sizes of The Moonstone

The moonstone pendants are commonly formed into the oval or the carved shape, and the shape of the stone reflects the qualities of the stone, and accordingly, the grade is given to the stone. Moonstones are rarely faceted, and they are easily incorporated into jewelry such as Moonstone earrings, which are quite delicate in nature. The stone is quite fragile, and it is essential to be careful while making the jewelry. And even after the process, when it is time to wear the jewelry, the wearer needs to care for the stone and protect it from scratching.

  • Points to Remember While Keeping The Stone Safe

The magnificent moonstone cuff bracelet or anything other jewelry item made from the Moonstone needs to be taken care of to maintain its beauty and healing energies. The wearer can use lukewarm water and mild soap along with a toothbrush to clean the stone and then wipe it using a soft cloth.

The Mohs scale hardness of the stone ranges at six, so the owner of the stone needs to take care of the stone and protect it from scratching and damages. And to make it long last, the wearer should never use any mechanical systems like ultrasonic or the streams for cleaning the stone. Otherwise, it would fade its color.

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