Serverwala – A Guide to Choose Dedicated Server for Your Business

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If you plan to do your business online, you’ll surely need a reliable web host that gives you affordable web hosting solutions. For that, you have many choices, but a Cheap Dedicated Server in Mumbai based hosting by Serverwala makes a difference by providing the remarkable and exclusive services that are all you need to start your goal-oriented business site. This means you can employ all the resources, including your private hosting platform, dedicated resources, highest uptime, scalability, customization, server access, and much more. With all these exclusive perks, you can not even smoothly start your online business but achieve great success.

So, if you are curious to know more about Serverwala’s Dedicated Server hosting, then you should go through this guide. Let’s get started!

Meaning of Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is one of the best and robust web hosting services used to host large sites. This hosting service gives you the power and dedicated platform that you need to run resource intensive sites such as E-commerce, Online Shopping Sites, HRMS Portals, Gaming sites, etc. This is not yet enough. You’ll be given advanced and standard levels of industry leading resources such as Solid State Drives, Memory, Unlimited bandwidth, Robust Core Processor, and much more. With these resources, you can enjoy the benefits of heightened security, backups, server management, High Availability of resources, and 24*7 Customer support.

Further, the Mumbai Dedicated Server is categorized into two major parts depending on their server management. We discussed these types briefly in the next section.

Types of Dedicated Server

A best Dedicated Server Mumbai gives your site the power and capability to manage your server even during busy business hours. So, you can opt for any of the hosting services according to your budget and business requirements.

#1. Managed Dedicated Server

The Managed Dedicated Server is opted by the users and business persons in which all the server management responsibility is no more your headache. This means your web host manages and operates all the aspects of your hosting, from upgrades, software installation, scalability, data security to the high availability of resources. High-profile businesses basically opt for the Managed Dedicated Server to save their valuable time and efforts. So, they can keep the focus on making new advanced strategies for business growth.

#2. Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Unmanaged Dedicated Server is the choice of users who are bound on a limited budget and have all the technical skills to manage their hosting on their own. So, if you are also one of them, this hosting service is best for you. You don’t require support and guidance from the web host and easily manage your server. In this hosting, you’ll be given complete root-level access to make changes and configurations on your server. Additionally, the web host also ensures to provide you with the best hardware and top-tier data centers powered hosting services.

With these brief descriptions, you can know which one you should opt for your business. But the primary factor is from where you buy the hosting services. No doubt, you have many choices but what’s the need to waste your time when we recommend you the best? You can go with the Serverwala web host because of its high-class services and customer support.

Brief: Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Established in 2015, Serverwala is the renowned and fastest growing web hosting provider aiming to accomplish all the basics to advance online business requirements. Since its inauguration, the company has delivered many types of web hosting services globally. These services include Shared Hosting, VPS Server, Dedicated Hosting, Cluster Server, Colocation Hosting, and Cloud Server. These hosting services come with an ample range of resources and a wide range of add-on benefits that you can employ for your online business. One of the best things about Serverwala is you’ll get most of the services at an affordable price range. So, you can easily opt for your choice and budget hosting from Serverwala.

With this web host, you will get round-the-clock excellent customer support from years of an experienced team and professionals. Their customer interaction process is easy even if you can reach their customer executives via WhatsApp, Live Chat, Skype, Email, or make a call directly to the sales team.

Features of Using Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server Mumbai

From the wide range of services available and offered by Serverwala, you get the freedom to employ exclusive principal features of its best dedicated server in Mumbai Hosting. Some of the features that you’ll be given within your package are listed below:

#1. Windows and Linux Operating system

#2. Server Configurations

#3. Hardware Choices

#4. Cpanel/Plesk Control Panels

#5. Heightened Security

#6. Server Management

#7. High Availability of Resources

#8. Administrative Access

#9. Top Tier Technical Support

#10. Higher Scalability

#11. Easy Customization

#12. Secure Socket Layer(SSL)

#13. DDoS protection

#14. Web Host Manager (WHM)

#15. 100% Solid State Drive

#16. One Click Installer

All the exclusive features you’ll be given with the Cheap Dedicated Server Mumbai Hosting are powerful enough to make your site high-performing and helpful in your business growth. Therefore, not even a single user can deny these services for their online business.

Choose Your Plan of Best Dedicated Server in Mumbai

At this point, you have made up your mind that you wanna need the Cheap Dedicated Server in Mumbai Hosting for your online business. It’s time to check the various plans. Serverwala provides you with various different Dedicated Servers in Mumbai plans with exclusive packages that are customizable. So, you can pick the appropriate one that best suits your business needs and budget.

What Client Says About Serverwala?

Server Wala has been serving its services since 2015 globally hence building the trust of more than 10,000 clients. So, you can rely on its services for your business growth. Further, if you have doubts, then you can check what customers say about the Serverwala.

Final Words

If you willingly want to start your business online, then no option is better than a Serverwala. You do not have to wander anywhere searching the web host to buy the dedicated plans. You’ll get everything here from basic to advanced services in the basic to premium level Cheap Dedicated Server Mumbai package. All these high level of services helps you to do your business online very smartly and efficiently. Also, you can expect 24*7 customer support from the experts. So, you’ll not face any technical issues meanwhile your hosting journey.


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