How To Get Indian Administrative Services Job

Administrative Services Job

Getting a job in the IAS or Indian Administrative Services Job is the dream of many. Individuals working for the Civil Services of India, serve both the State and the Central governments, helping with effective implementation of policies.

The officer who gets a job with the Indian Administrative Services Job has exposure to various sectors of the government and this is what makes IAS a dream career of many. One of the other reasons why many aspire to get a job in the Indian administrative services is due to the pay scale.

Get an IAS job is not an easy task and it requires immense hard work and dedication. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you achieve it.

The examination

Popular as the IAS exam, the Civil Services examination has to be taken by anyone who wishes to get a job in the Indian administrative services. The examination has three stages; the prelims, the mains, and the final interview.

The exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, which hires the right candidates to serve in various positions across 24 services. Lakhs of people appear for these examinations every year, out of which 50% of the candidates do not make it to the mains.

Therefore, it is important you prepare for the exam in advance by taking proper coaching.

The exam stages in detail are,

  • Prelims – This is the first stage of the UPSC exam. This is mostly conducted in the month of June.
  • The Mains – Candidates who clear the prelims need to take the written examination called Mains. This is mostly conducted in the months of September or October.
  • Interview – The candidates who have successfully cleared the Mains are called for a final interview. The result is often announced in the month of May.

Have a strategy

People who wish to appear for the UPSC exam need to have a learning strategy. It is advised to start preparing for the exam at least 12 months in advance. However, the quality of the study has a major impact on your final examination.

Be focused

Focus and disciplined are the two most important traits you need to have if you want to clear the UPSC exams and get a job in the Indian administrative services. People with a passion for learning can successfully clear all the stages of the exam.

The examination can be attempted only 9 times in total and has an upper age limit of 35 for OBC and 37 years for SC/ST.

The exam for Indian administrative services is more than just a written test. It tests the analytic as well as the presentation skills of the applicant. The two most important entities that help you achieve success are the right guidance and the use of the right books or study materials.

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Now that you are aware of the basic requirements to get a job in the Indian administrative services, it is time you plan your strategy and start preparing for the UPSC examinations. Stay determined and focused!

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