How to Find Quality Towels in Bulk

How to Find Quality Towels in Bulk

If you are in the hospitality industry, your customer’s safety and comfort should not be an option. Buying bulk towels is one way of meeting your customer’s expectations. Get quality to enhance proper hygiene among your customers.

Inadequate and poor-quality towels can hamper the marketing of your business. To achieve high standards of comfort, have a complete guide to help you purchase the right wholesale towels for your business.

The following tips help hospitality businesses easily buy quality towels in bulk.


Towels come in varying sizes to meet the needs of the users. Take time to research the available sizes before placing an order for a towel bale.

Consider the average sizes of both wholesale hand and bath towels. Large-sized wholesale towels are the best options since they suit every guest your business receives.

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While small-sized towels dry quickly, they do not provide enough absorption. Standard and large-sized bath towels help dry the customer’s body completely. Confirm the towel size before you buy.

Types of Towels

Buying many types of towels in bulk is a way of meeting your customers’ needs. The first category to consider is wholesale hand towels.

  • Wholesale hand towels: useful for your guests when drying their faces and hands. While the towels vary in size, they are not large-sized.
  • Bulk fingertip towels: also suitable for your guests. The towels are easy to wash, hang, and fold. Like hand towels, fingertip towels also take a short time to dry. Fingertip towels are not as expensive as other options.
  • Wholesale bath towels: other types you shouldn’t forget. The towels are one of the largest of all. Standard and large sizes of bath towels make them quite expensive.
  • Bath sheets and washcloths: are other options to consider providing your guests. Bath sheets provide a comfortable way to dry the body fully, and washcloths provide guests with a way to cleanse their faces without dirtying their other towels.

Do proper homework about the types of wholesale towels you want for your business. Know the differences between the towels to avoid making wrong choices.


Don’t ignore the prices of wholesale towels regardless of the provided cost benefits. One factor determining the cost you will incur is the quantity.

Consider the number of wholesale towel bales you want before creating a budget. The quality of the towels also matters. High-quality wholesale towels come with higher prices.

Take time to research the prices of several sellers. Comparing the prices will help you find quality and affordable wholesale towels for your business.

Create a reasonable budget to avoid overspending. Choose a wholesaler providing discounts on the towel prices.

Material Composition

Material composition determines the quality of the bulk towels you will buy. Quality materials meet the customers’ standards and leave them satisfied.

  • Cotton is the first towel material to consider. The towels are hypoallergic and safe for your customers. Cotton towels have high levels of absorbency. As a result, a cotton towel dries the body quickly. The major downside is that they take quite a long time to dry.
  • Linen towels are common because of their durability and anti-microbial properties. Unlike cotton towels, linen towels are lightweight and take a short time to dry. The towels are also absorbent.
  • Cotton polyester blends are another material for towels. The towels are stylish and don’t fade after some time. Your customers will also enjoy comfort because of the towels’ absorbency and breathability.

Other materials to consider are lyocell, bamboo, and synthetic microfibers. Choose a material that will provide maximum benefits to your customers.

Note that the material also determines the prices of wholesale towels; let your budget guide you.


The weight of towels depends on their material compositions. On average, a bath towel should weigh 1.54lb.

Lightweight and heavy towels have their pros and cons. For example, lightweight towels are easy to wash. They also dry quickly.

Heavy towels have higher levels of absorbency and breathability. They are also more durable than lightweight towels. The wholesaler should help measure the weight of the towels for you.

If your business is in the hospitality industry, heavy towels may suit your customers better. Lightweight towels are suitable for fitness centers like gyms.

Right Quantity

Imagine losing good customers because your business lacks enough towels – it’s a frustrating experience. Be clear on the number of towels your business needs.

The size of your business will determine the number of wholesale towels you buy. If possible, purchase excess towels since your business might receive more customers than expected some days.

Purchase Bulk Towels

Buying bulk towels for your business should be your priority. Adequate towels promote the safety and hygiene of the customers.

Buying wholesale towels is cheaper than buying the towels in small quantities. Towel wholesalers offer amazing price discounts to save their clients some cash. Buy wholesale towels and make your customers happy today.


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