How to Build Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has proved to be a breakthrough for companies looking to build their consumer base. It is among the most effective ways to build stronger client relationships, which is ideal for marketing. Research, on the other hand, shows that personalized marketing is a vital strategy for attracting more consumers and retaining the existing ones. Without a doubt, companies seek the utmost customer loyalty. Subsequently, the most straightforward way to achieve this is through strategic email marketing techniques.

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Consequently, every entrepreneur wants a strategy that generates a great return on investment (ROI). Here are the steps to ensure email marketing does that for you.

1) Perform Comprehensive Research

While adequate research is necessary before coming up with any plan in the business sphere, this is not any different in email marketing. You need extensive research to understand who your customers are and where they are in the customer journey. You also need to know what your competitors are doing regarding interacting with this target audience. Highlight your competitor’s weaknesses and develop better solutions. With this information, you will leverage their inability to connect with the target market. Hence, saving you from the pain of incurring unnecessary costs because of a defective marketing strategy.

2) Define Your Goals

What is the end goal of your email marketing campaign? Do you hope to nurture your current loyal customers or acquire new ones? Are you promoting a new product or plan to drive traffic to your offers and increase exposure to the existing products? If acquiring leads is the goal, giving discounts and eye-catching deals on your goods and services come in handy. Defining clear expectations of the acceptable outcome helps develop the right strategy to achieve the ultimate goal. Also, it provides a precise evaluation metric on whether the campaign met these expectations or not.

3) Identify Your Customer Base

Firstly, you need to define your ideal customer. Who are your customers, and where can you find them? No matter what you sell today, most of your target audience has shifted to the online community and is influenced by what they see online. Hence, you need to meet your customers there. Once you get this right, the second step is to grow your audience.

4) Grow Your Mailing Database

The only way to increase sales, grow your business, and double your repeat customer base is to expand your email list. Driving traffic to your business alone does not guarantee that you convert them to actual customers right away. You need to keep a database of customers who have not yet made up their minds to buy from you. This database is what we call a mailing list.  You will then send sales emails to this list in the coming days, highlighting the benefits of your products to the leads. Use Nuwber to verify the identity of your leads, if you must, to ensure high-quality prospects in your mailing list.

5) Group Your Leads Accordingly

Highly successful campaigns focus on segmenting their audience based on interests. Segment the audience for your email marketing campaign based on age, gender, and country of residence, among other factors. If you need to divide them by professional spheres, Leadar will help you build that list.

Conversely, GDPR rules require that you get consent from your leads before collecting their information for email marketing. After getting their consent, the next step would be to start your campaign. You can send emails about your special promotions, including useful information regarding new and upcoming products.

6) Personalize Your Messages

One of the revered secrets of attracting customers is to make them feel comfortable with your services. Among the most effective ways to achieve this is to personalize your messages. You can employ strategies such as addressing the recipients by their names or profession. Everyone loves being recognized, and adding this sign of humanity to your emails will spark their interest.

7) Go Straight To The Point

Make your content short and precise. Do not bore the leads with too much information about your product; remember to keep a friendly tone. Also, never forget your audience’s pain points for you to deliver relevant emails to them. Suppose you have more vital information for your customer to read; you can add a link or design creatives that summarize that content. Adding images to your emails breaks the monotony of huge chunks of content.

8) Use Catchy Titles

A catchy title makes the difference for your open rates. Using a catchy subject line is the first step to making your email stand out. It creates an impression on your target customer, prompting them to open or ignore your email. Hence, pay extra attention to your email titles as they affect your email metrics, impacting your business performance.

9) Consistency

One of the vital aspects of emailing success is consistency. Consistency does not only mean following a set schedule. It all refers to the quality of your content. Come up with a calendar, and ensure that you maintain the integrity of your brand. Also, ensure consistent interaction with your audience. Avoid being boring at all costs. Consistency nurtures trust among members in your list and fast tracks your success rate.

10) Convert Your Database into Loyal Customers

Once you have brought the required traffic to your offers via persuasive emails and client interactions, it is time to convert these leads into loyal customers. How do you achieve this? By providing the appropriate information to them at the right time. Also, be true to your word and deliver on your promises. Occasionally, keep your consumers glued to your products using coupons and discounts.

11) Ensure Compatibility with All Devices

It can be a total disappointment if you do everything else right, but your email doesn’t render well on some recipients’ devices. Ensure that your emailing service provider (ESP) is optimized to support all devices. Losing even a single customer because of deliverability issues could be overly costly.


We cannot deny that email marketing is perhaps currently the heart of personalized marketing. However, this can only be possible through an optimal mix of stellar research and the right strategies. For a small business owner, this is your surefire way to compete with the Fortune 500s.


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