Generac Air Cooled Generator: Durable & Affordable


Many states in the country are very beautiful and diverse. They have beaches, mountains, deserts, and woods. Nature lovers in these states like to build homes in remote locations to enjoy the awe- aspiring sights and to benefit from the clean air. These locations are often always off the grid. To run their water wells and other essentials they have to rely on solar power or a Generac air cooled generator.


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At the local farms, a generator is a necessity as it runs all the farming equipment and keeps the lights and fans running. In summers the animal farms need cooling. Without electricity, the animals can get ill and may even die. To prevent financial damage the farm owners use generators that produce ample electricity to meet the wattage needs.

In cities, life without electric power is not imaginable.  Power outages are now more common than ever before. During the stormy season, people get their generators serviced so they can give an optimal performance during blackouts. If you are the technical kind, you can service your generator on your own. All models come with an owner’s manual and the maintenance kits can be bought online.

If you have not already bought a generator it is time enough to buy one. The cost is very affordable for smaller models. You can run the air conditioners and other essential items in a more affordable way. If you buy a gas model it will run for hours at no end. Getting an automatic transfer switch along with the unit will allow you to run the circuits of your choice.  You will need an electrician to wire the generator to your main panel. Many people are now benefiting from the low cost of air-cooled gas generators. They can run their air conditioners for long hours without having to pay hefty electricity bills. To keep the family indoor this summer season, buy a Generac air cooled generator.

Youngsters that have no air conditioning at home tend to stay out much in summers. They spend time in chilled spaces and return home after sunset when the temperature becomes bearable. During a lockdown caused by a pandemic, everyone has to stay at home. The kitchen gas is far less expensive than utility power. If you run the air conditioner using the grid power your bills will skyrocket. Comparatively, if you have a gas generator hooked up to your kitchen gas line you can use it to power a 5-ton air conditioner more affordably. The larger generator models produce more wattage and can run 2 or 3 air conditioners at a time. Hire a licensed plumber to connect it to the kitchen gas line.

For a small house, you may want to look into the portable models. If you do not use a lot of wattages a small inverter will be just right for you. Homes that are located in storm-prone areas need a backup source of power. Installing a 22 kW gas model at your large house is not a bad idea. The Generac models are very reliable and carry a smaller price tag as compared to other brands. The company has a very large product line and you can easily find the best fit for your needs.

Many times the power supply is disrupted due to higher demand as compared to supply. In summers people use more electric power to run the air conditioners. At such times, there is a lot of load on the power lines and the transformers often blow up.

Your Generac air cooled generator will continue to run the air conditioners and other essentials soon as grid power fails. The foods in the refrigerator will remain fresh and you can continue to watch TV or work on your computer as usual.  The newer models come with Wi-Fi functionality and NEMA rated transfer switches that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. You can check on your unit from remote locations using the cell phone. A 13kW gas model can power sump pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, computers, monitors, TVs, lights, microwaves and more.  It runs quietly and smoothly for as long as you like. The energy that is produced has a low sine wave. The air cooled models have low emissions and allow for installation as close as 18” from a structure.

Models with the G-Force engine are built to run for long hours. The engines are pressure-lubricated and require less maintenance. G-Flex variable speed technology allows the engine to run on various speeds to match the load. This helps you save on fuel.

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In the event of low oil pressure, high temperature, over crank, over or under-speed, controller fault, wiring error, over or under voltage and so forth the engine will protect itself by shutting down. If there is a faulty condition it can be soon remedied. The control panel gives off an alarm to alert the operator so quick action can be taken to fix the problem.  If you are looking for an affordable backup generator for your house or shop or office, get a Generac air cooled generator online.


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