Face Verification Solution- Touchless Approach of Identifying Customers’ Identity


Facial biometric technology is becoming popular in this digital era. Face verification systems are being utilized by various businesses globally. Few of the sectors are using biometric technology to develop attendance systems while others are struggling to come up with identity verification systems to provide relief to the financial corporations.

AI-backed facial identification systems are one level advanced as compared to other identity authenticating solutions in order to check and verify identities based on novel facial attributes. Facial verification tends to provide real-time identity checks and is fruitful for businesses in which KYC is mandatory. This eventually sustains business by mitigating fraud. The facial verification systems are pretty much impressive and provide results without having any ambiguity.

Technology Intelligent Face Verification-  Brief Overview

A facial recognition solution is a commonly utilized biometric solution to identify and validate people’s identities. With the help of face recognition applications, the face of the customers is scanned, and using AI/ML algorithms the facial characteristics are transformed into templates that are matched with the facial imprints that are placed in the databases.

Additionally, technology-backed facial validation systems are also capable of overcoming the necessity of carrying identity documents like ID cards or any government-authorized documents that could determine clients’ identities. Furthermore, it also conserves consumers’ time from long and tiring manual verification procedures.

Today, digital businesses are deploying face verification systems because using such verification approaches is quite easy and more reliable than other systems circulating in the market. It also enables businesses to identify the entities that hold potential risk and also provides means to eliminate them from the system.

Identifying Facial Traits

The facial identification system screens the clients’ faces and matches them with the facial image placed in government-issued identity documents like passports, ID cards, and driving licenses, etc. in order to determine customers’ true identity. However, if the criminals tend to trick the system they are caught red-handed flawlessly.

Liveness Detection

Utilizing intelligent technologies, face biometric verification solutions can recognize trivial facial characteristics and gesticulations such as smiles or blinking eyes. Biometric systems can readily distinguish whether the client is using any kind of mask or providing photos. This is universally adopted when video attestation is needed and the customer has to provide a video through which the businesses can verify clients’ facial features as well as gestures.

3D Depth Perception

The online face verification system is loaded with the exceptional feature of 3D depth perception that gives no place for the fraudsters to carry out any kind of suspicious activities. This guarantees to recognize every minor feature of face movement and also identify the coordinates of the facial imprints and compares them with the identity documents in order to determine any signs of tampering or photoshop. With the help of face verification, cases of identity theft and synthetic identities could be reduced to none.

Use Case of Facial Biometric Authentication Systems

Robust Client Enrollment

On a daily basis, the corporate sector, mainly the financial businesses, tends to interact with a large number of clients. Verifying customers’ identities is a challenging task. Face authentication systems are backing companies as well as the financial sector to precisely distinguish the true IDs of their customers before getting them on board.

Airport Clearance

Airports have to follow strict security measures, so they are obliged to employ face verification systems as they are viable in identifying as well as eliminating criminal activities such as attempts of onboarding using false documents. Touchless devices are deployed in airports that are embedded with biometric technology which is making customers’ identity verification process robust. Face verification solutions are quite fruitful for airports as fraudsters use such sites for safe escape.

Touchless Arena Screening

Arenas have to accommodate heaps of customers. For them, it is quite a difficult task to verify customers’ identities as well as to validate their ID documents. At these kinds of public spots, criminals are actively involved in carrying out illicit activities that eventually impact the clients as well as the arenas. To eliminate such suspicious happenings and to onboard customers seamlessly, arenas are obliged to integrate face verification services into their security systems so that they could determine the customers’ real identities as well as flag them if they possess potential risk.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, Face verification solutions appear to be fruitful for the corporate sector. No doubts, utilizing technology intelligent online face verification systems has rendered an increasing number of scams and is providing means of enrolling clients flawlessly.


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