Content Marketing Tips for Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing Businesses

Content marketing is a fantastic way to boost your marketing strategy and drive more buyers to your website. However, starting your content marketing journey can be quite daunting, it entails so much and not all of it is necessary for every industry.  This is why we have put together this guide, including our content marketing tips for manufacturing businesses. 

How is content marketing different for manufacturing?

According to a publication on Manufacturing Content Writing in 2019 68% of manufacturers struggle to create content for multi-level roles. This is because:

  • The industry is boring: Many people think that opposed to other industries like the fashion industry, manufacturing is dull and boring, therefore they struggle to create interesting content. 
  • More complex products: The products manufacturing companies sell are more complex and often need an industry knowledge and expertise to understand. 
  • Expertise is expected: Customers in the manufacturing field expect their sellers to have expertise and good knowledge, they need to feel like they can trust the brand. 
  • Longer Buying Cycle: The buying process for some shops is as simple as the customer sees the item, clicks buy and the company ships it, but it can be much longer with manufacturing.  This is especially true for larger scale orders and when sellers are trying to reach the business decision makers of larger companies. 
  • Niches: Manufacturing companies often have to handle niche products, items that are only required a handful of times. 
  • Understanding the market: Finding information on the market and target audience in manufacturing is much more difficult and often requires industrial knowledge to attain it. 

Top Content Marketing for Manufacturers ideas:

According to the best way you can utilise content marketing in manufacturing is by ensuring it helps to buyers do their job.  

Here are the top content marketing ideas for manufacturers. 

  1. Blog posts: Provide educational content in an informative, easy-to-understand and aesthetically appealing manner. 
  2.  101 eBooks: Create eBooks on more in-depth topics (i.e., topics that are too much to tackle in one blog post.)
  3. Industry research: share recent industry news and research with your readers, explain what it means and show you are keeping up-to-date with trends. 
  4. Social Media: share your business and industry news through social media, engage with your customers on a personal level. 

More Content Writing Tips for Manufacturers

  1. Video Tour videos: show your audience how your factory or place of business operates with a video tour. 
  2. Guides: comparison guides and how-to guides are a fantastic way to inform and prepare your readers for their purchase. 
  3. Case Studies: examples of other manufacturing businesses are always a great way to show to do (or not to do) something. 
  4. Product videos: videos of your products, showing why they are unique, what their features are, how they can be used most effectively, etc. 

Content Marketing is worth your time and money, but only if you make sure you do what you need too within your industry.


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