How Do Cloud Software Solutions Reduce Industrial Water Wastage And Tackle Non-Revenue Water?

How Do Cloud Software Solutions Reduce Industrial Water Wastage And Tackle Non-Revenue Water

With the issue of non-revenue water rising, it is necessary to leverage the power of smart solutions to tackle it. Smart systems can help in pinpointing the issues so that they can deploy suitable measures to tackle them. Moreover, these solutions offer several perks to reduce the wastage of water in water treatment plants. They can streamline all the processes and reduce human error.

Check out all the perks of the cloud-enabled solutions and get familiar with the issue of non revenue water explained below.

Issue Of Non-Revenue Water

Non-revenue water is the amount of water that is produced in the system but does not reach the end customer. With the rising water scarcity, it is essential to deploy smart solutions to protect the water resources and manage the issue of non-revenue water.

Rising new technologies like smart sensors, cloud computing, and Big Data can help to analyze the data and funnel down the issues leading to the generation of non-revenue water.

Perks Of Cloud Solutions

Optimization Of Water Availability

The cloud software solution is capable of forecasting water demand on the basis of collected data and weather conditions. The water treatment facilities can use these solutions to optimize the usability of water and reduce the overall wastage in the processes.

Accurate Monitoring Of Variables

With the incorporation of smart cloud solutions, organizations can monitor the decentralized processes and analyze the critical variables. These smart solutions reduce the need for manual inspections and minimize human error. They can record vital variables like temperature, limit values, water quantities, pressure, and several other related metrics. The accurate monitoring can help them tackle the issue of non-revenue water in the setup.

High Accessibility

One of the major perks of cloud software is the ease of accessibility. The solutions offer independent access to all the data without any interruptions caused by time and place instances. You can get access to all the data on any smart device with a stable internet connection. Moreover, the solutions are secure and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about any data or privacy theft.

Improved Visualization Of Data

With a cloud solution in place, you can visualize and analyze different forms of data in a single place. You can visualize the ratios, thresholds and analyze the trends to improve your future strategies. With these insights, you can deploy appropriate measures to fill the gaps in the current policies.

Reduction Of Overall Operational Cost

Cloud solutions come with proactive detection and troubleshooting capabilities which help you get back online in case of any unfortunate accident. The constant monitoring allows you to keep the system stable and reduce the overall operational cost of your setup.

The Final Verdict

By now, you must have anticipated the crucial role of smart technologies in bringing a revolution in water preservation. It is high time that different organizations join hands and ensure minimum water wastage. They should make consistent efforts in deploying such advanced cloud solutions to move towards a sustainable path and tackle the rising problem of non-revenue water.


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