Best Places to Use Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors in Your Home

Best Places to Use Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors in Your Home

Decorating with mirrors in your home is an easy way to improve your house design. Mirrors can be a simple and classy addition to any home. Glass and mirror services install mirrors strategically to bring out the desired effect. Their placement of mirrors will display them as ornate statement pieces that allow the light to bounce on them and add brightness to the space.

Best Places to Use Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors in Your Home

Floor-to-ceiling or full-length mirrors can make a statement in your home. Proper placement of these mirrors in tight spaces can make the room look bigger, which means you should be strategic about where they go. Here are some important places you can use floor-to-ceiling mirrors:

Home Gym

One of the obvious uses of floor-to-ceiling mirrors is to view yourself in them, so you should install full view mirrors in your home gym, or anywhere you exercise in your home. You can use the mirror to make sure you are using the correct form and doing the right movements.

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Besides helping you exercise in proper form, mirrors can make your gym look spacious. You can also choose to install your home gym mirror with no frame in order to achieve a more seamless (and less decorative) look.


Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are perfect for entryways because they help brighten the home. Their placement makes them the first thing guests will see when coming to the house, creating an impression.

Entryway full-size mirrors allow guests to view themselves before coming into the home. It also displays other areas of the house that reflect onto it, like windows, which helps increase the brightness.

Living Room

Having a floor-to-ceiling mirror in your living room is a popular home decor method. One main reason is that a mirror can make small living spaces look bigger. Another reason to have a mirror in your living room is for aesthetics. If your mirror has a pretty frame that matches the rest of your decor, it can tie the whole room together.

Full-view mirrors are also useful for filling in large, unadorned spaces on walls. Additionally, if you place a mirror opposite a window, you will get not only light from the window but also reflected light from the mirror. This extra light adds brightness to your overall space.


Most people do not think about adding a mirror to a basement because basements tend to be storage or bonus rooms. However, if you plan to remodel the basement (or already have), placing a floor-to-ceiling mirror can be the perfect addition.

Your basement space can feel constricted and dark. Adding a mirror can help expand and lighten the view. You may not need extensive lighting fixtures to make the basement welcoming; a mirror may be able to do that for you.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors can also serve you well if you repurpose the basement into a bar. A mirror behind the bar can help transform your basement into a larger, more spacious one.


You need a mirror in your bedroom in order to see how an outfit looks, or to try on different outfit combinations. Floor-to-ceiling bedroom mirrors also offer you what a living room mirror would, but you get it all in private.

You may also appreciate a full-length mirror in your bedroom for the way it creates a chic and modern look. Bedroom mirrors can also accentuate the theme in your bedroom, making your space feel tied together.


Full-length mirrors work well in hallways because they allow everyone to glance at their outfit as they pass by. The floor-to-ceiling mirrors improve the transition when moving from room to room.

Placement of hallway mirrors is a really great choice as it brings in more light and can make the space appear larger, both in length and width.

Small Rooms

Strategically placed mirrors are a simple home staging trick that expands small rooms visually. Full-length mirrors create an optical illusion to make the room seem bigger and more open.

Mirrors amplify the room’s décor and help liven up the design. Natural light reflections on mirrors also brighten up your home.

You can angle mirrors in your room and place them behind objects to bring out the illusion of space. When strategically placed, the mirrors add a sense of completeness and depth to your small room.


One room in the home where mirrors are a must-have is the bathroom. You can also use the mirror to get ready when going somewhere, applying makeup, or styling your hair.

The bathroom mirror adds lighting while improving the style and creating an illusion of extra space. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a great addition to your bathroom since their importance goes beyond utility.

Work With Glass and Mirror Services When Installing Floor-To-Ceiling Mirrors

Mirror placement in a home is important to bring out the desired illusion and effect. Proper installation of floor-to-ceiling mirrors can improve home aesthetics and enhance the value of your property on resale. Work with glass and mirror services to properly install floor-to-ceiling mirrors and create the desired look.


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