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News Websites

The news industry is one of the world’s most competitive industries. To survive and excel in it, not only do you have to be extremely competitive and skilled, but you should also be able to live up to what’s expected of you. Having said that, there are only two things that the audience expects of news media: sheer honesty and a promised reach. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, these are the exact two areas where most news websites get left behind.
In an attempt to make more money or gain more popularity in the short-term, most news websites in Pakistan are known to put the long-term success at stake. 

Fabricated content, twisted facts, concocted news stories, biased news reports, etc. may get you an influx of followers in the beginning, but once the audience realizes that it cannot read a word you publish without being doubtful, you lose your position. Therefore, sheer honesty and authenticity are crucial for staying in the race for a longer period.

The second most important thing is the reach you promise. Magazines and gazettes that publish content that only a minority can relate to will never be as successful as those that cater to everybody.
In Pakistan, the primary problem in ensuring reach for the top news websites has always been the language barrier. Most news websites publish content in the English language, which a pronounced majority cannot understand. Therefore, there has always been a need for Urdu news websites so that every individual could be reached out to.

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Listed below are those news websites that have eradicated this language barrier and have emerged as the most authentic sources for the latest Urdu news in the country:

Daily Pakistan

Known for its originality and genuineness, Daily Pakistan is the best Urdu news website in Pakistan.
It brings daily news updates from Pakistan and from beyond the borders to its online family of millions of followers. Its content is not only published at its own website but is also shared all over social media at several other notable platforms. The majority of religiously follows it and holds it as a standard for authenticity.


Geo.TV is a well-recognized news platform in Pakistan. It came into the game not long ago but has been successful in establishing its position, primarily due to its popularity with the young lot. Its Urdu news website is a regular source of Pakistani Urdu news and engaging stories from the country and beyond.

Jang Urdu News

Jang Urdu News has majorly contributed to overcoming the problems that the news industry encounters due to the language barrier. It did so by establishing this Urdu news website that reaches out to almost everyone in the country. Taking up the latest news happenings and engaging stories from Pakistan and publishing them over their Urdu website, Jang Urdu News attracts heavy traffic online. Moreover, the content that it provides is unbiased and authentic, and that has added to its reputation.


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