Best High Accuracy Pressure Transducers from MicroSensor

Best High Accuracy Pressure Transducers from MicroSensor

High-accuracy pressure transducers have exceptional performance characteristics that are appropriate for a variety of readings and operating temperatures. Accurate pressure measurements and tracking are crucial in various applications in which pressure can directly impact product quality, volume, or efficiency. There is a significant connection between process pressure accuracy and the end products.

Nailing the precise control, measurement, and monitoring of pressure is an absolute game-changer when it comes to boosting profits and ensuring customer satisfaction. Trust me; it’s all about those little details that make a big difference!

MicroSensor offers a variety of pressure transducers for use in industrial control applications. Let’s look at some high-accuracy pressure transducers they supply.

Top High Accuracy Transducers fromMicroSensor



You can use this pressure transducer in various applications, including hydropower generation, storage tanks, and irrigation. The technique used to produce the transmitter results in a product with a user-friendly size, lightweight, and broader pressure range. This makes it suitable for application in fluid pressure.

The MPM4730 uses Piezoresistive technology and custom circuitry to deliver accurate readings from 0.1bar to 1000bar.

The device will offer you the advantage of transmitting digital & analog signals (4-20mA, RS485-Modbus, and HART protocol). And the best part? You don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on it! With its advanced digital temperature control and non-linear correction techniques, it’s truly a gem.


If you’re looking for a versatile pressure monitoring solution for your industrial needs, look no further than the M20! It’s perfect for all sorts of general industrial applications. The device offers optional pressure types, including Gauge, Absolute, and Positive&Negative.

The options available for measurement are diverse and adaptable, allowing for measuring various media, such as oil, air, and water. This transducer will offer you cost-effectiveness, a significant reliability level, and meets all the required certifications.


Thanks to this pressure transmitter, you can measure liquid flow, steam gas, and differential pressure, among others. With this device, you can get a signal (4-20mA DC) compatible with the HART protocol or a signal based on your differential pressure reading.

The system can be accessed remotely for monitoring, setting, and testing and is well-suited to use in challenging process industries. The pressure signal is transformed into an analog current (4mA~20mA), and also, and it is suitable for complex applications.


The MPM4760 will offer you high accuracy and features, and thanks to the LCD, it can also function as a digital pressure monitoring device with display. The instrument’s higher precision and commendable stability make it suitable for the reliable measurement and regulation of pressure in diverse industrial applications.

The transmitter adheres to the specifications of the ISO9000 standard and is suitable for accurately measuring flowing pressure in diverse industries.

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Take Away

Accuracy is an absolute must when it comes to pressure transducers! The significance of this may vary depending on your application; do you want a precise reading or a rough estimate? In either case, the latter provides a certain assurance regarding the measurements you get. Make sure to review the specifications of the transducer.

It is crucial to exercise caution when interpreting this value since various manufacturers may report accuracy using varied methods. MicroSensor is here to help with all your pressure transducer needs.


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