Best Facts about Indian Defence forces

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Indian Defence forces are efficient in maintaining its honorable status quo. Neighboring countries as China and Pakistan keep on giving invasion threats and haunting us with their terrorism. Along with this, our nation suffers from the problem of illegal immigration, militant infiltration, internal conflicts and disasters.

Army officials are given distinct respect for their sense of duty towards their motherland. Most of the defence aspirants join tuition provider. Many of us are well acquainted with their victories and gallant contribution towards civilians.

We are still oblivious to some facts which can increase our respect for the army. These facts are stated as below:

  • Control over the highest battlefield in the world

Indian army is given control over the highest battlefield in the world i.e. Siachen Glacier at 5000 meters above mean sea level. This is the most challenging location where the army is set to handle the enemies. Soldiers living here have to bear the uncertain changes of climate.

Here the temperature is observed to get a mark below -50 degrees celsius. There is the scarce availability of food and water in this location. Many times soldiers have to starve themselves for a whole day. Along with this they have to remain away from their families for many months.

This is how a soldier pays the price of maintaining peace in their country. After knowing this fact you will start seeing the Indian army with revered eyes. 

  • Largest voluntary army in the world

All serving and reserve forces have actually “opted” for service. There is a provision for conscription (forced recruitment) in the Constitution of India, but it has never been used. Indian army has the largest voluntary army which is efficient in serving the nation as and when required.

It has not shown its efficiency in serving its motherland but also helped the other nations as and when required. Indian army is comprised of a large number of manforce which is efficient in regulating peace in the nation.

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  • Best in high altitude and mountain warfare

The Indian army has one of the most elite centers for training i.e. HAWS(High Altitude and mountain warfare school). It is visited by special OPS teams from the US, UK and Russia. US special forces were trained at HAWS before their deployment during incursion by Afghanistan.

From this information, we can easily deduce that Indian defence forces have maintained amicable relations with other nations as well.Indian defence forces are well known for showing compassion towards other nations in need. They have the best centers to train their manforce. These centers are efficient in providing training that will make soldiers survive any difficult situation.

  • In the battle of longewala, there were only two casualties on the Indian side. 

The battle of longewala was fought between India and Pakistan in December 1971. It was comprised of just 120 Indian soldiers with 1 jeep-mounted M40 recoilless rifle held against 2000 Pakistani soldiers followed by 45 tanks and 1 mobile infantry brigade. The indian army is known for its bravery in not leaving the battleground.

They were able to win this war against Pakistan with the help of the airforce. This whole battle scene stated that the Indian army is not only physically strong but mentally as well. Thus, Indian army is served with maximum motivation which boosts them with energy while fighting any battle.

  • There is no provision for reservation based on caste and religion

Candidates who aim to get selected in Indian army because of their efficiency and caliber. Sheer hardwood and determination can open your gates to enter army forces in india. Aspirants do not get the privilege from their caste or religion. Soldiers get recruitment after passing various physical tests and written exams. When an Indian citizen joins defence force then he/she is honored with the name of a soldier.

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  • Carried out biggest civilian rescue operation

Operation Rahat (2013) is one of the biggest civilian rescue operations carried out in the world by the airforce using helicopters. The first phase of operation started on 17 June 2013. The Indian Airforce was efficient in lifting a total of 20,000 people, flying a total of 2140 sorties and dropped material of about 382400 kgs. This is how Airforce has played a major role in saving the lives of civilians.

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  • Largest naval academy in Asia

The Ezhimala Naval Academy is the largest of its kind. It is situated in Kerala. Here training is provided to the Indian Naval service cadre officers and Indian coast guards. This academy was established in May 1969, while its campus was inaugurated on 8th January 2009. This academy trains its man force to handle enemies which attack through sea coasts.

  • Built the Highest bridge in the world.

The highest bridge is The Bailey Bridge. It is located between Ladakh valley and the Dras&Suru rivers in the Himalayan mountains. The Indian Army built this bridge in August 1982.


The points mentioned above have shown the supremacy of Indian Defence forces. The stallion tasks performed by defence forces have earned them great respect and honor. If a civilian is having a peaceful night’s sleep then it is all because of armed forces. A soldier has to stay far from his home for several months and starve in uninhabited areas to maintain peace.

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