A List of Fashion Industry Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

Creative directors are like the CEOs of the fashion world.

The fashion industry is certainly one of glitz and glamour, and from the outside peering in, it can seem like an exclusive club. Many people grow up with dreams of becoming a designer, fashion model, or stylist, but those aren’t jobs you typically find on job boards. Furthermore, if you don’t have natural artistic ability, model stature, or connections in the fashion world, getting your foot in the door in the industry can feel like a long shot at best.

You probably can’t just walk into the Gucci store and land a top position (unless you’re Tom Ford). However, there are plenty of jobs in the fashion world that most people don’t know about. Some of these jobs are career paths that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Continue reading to learn about jobs in the fashion industry that you probably never knew existed.

Creative directors are like the CEOs of the fashion world.

Creative directors are the top decision-makers in design companies. Many of them cut their teeth in fashion and organizational leadership degree programs and worked their way from the mailroom to the top of the industry, and others started as designers and stylists. The key to launching a successful career as a creative director is learning as much as you can about the fashion industry and business world and being diligent about searching for career opportunities.

Network your way to becoming a style influencer.

Big data is a big presence in the fashion industry.

Once upon a time, you had to have a degree in fashion and work to make strong connections in the industry to become a stylist. While earning a bachelor’s degree in fashion is still a good way to get into the fashion industry, social media has created opportunities for people to launch viable careers as style influencers. If you have a knack for content creation and a great sense of style, you could become a brand ambassador or even a stylist to the stars. Viral videos that teach people how to match denim capris with the right sneakers and costume jewelry could make you a rising star in your own right.

Big data is a big presence in the fashion industry.

The chances are that you’ve heard of big data, but did you know it was a big deal in the fashion industry? With online shopping becoming increasingly popular and more fashion brands undergoing digital transformation, the need for data insights is greater than ever. Earning an MBA will give you a chance to learn how to use big data to make business decisions and optimize products and services, making you a valuable asset in the fashion industry.

You can bring your environmental and social activism to the fashion industry.

Things are rapidly changing across the globe, and as you know, success in the fashion world is all about staying ahead of (or at least keeping up with) the latest trends. One of the major changes in society is that people are becoming more socially and environmentally aware, and this elevation of consciousness is directing consumer choices. Sustainability and social engagement officers work to help fashion brands positively impact the environment and social justice causes that impact their customer base and underprivileged communities.

You can bring your environmental and social activism to the fashion industry.

As you can see, there are a lot of jobs in the fashion industry that aren’t common knowledge. There are a lot of career paths you can take to get into the fashion industry, and once you’re there, you’ll meet people from all walks of life. The key to making it in the fashion industry is being willing to put yourself out there and face rejection. In the end, it’s all about finding your niche and being persistent until you find your way in the industry. With so many pathways into the fashion world, you’re sure to find one that suits your interests.


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