7 Things to Look for When Touring Homes for Sale

7 Things to Look for When Touring Homes for Sale

Before you tour homes, consider what features are most important to you. This can help narrow your search so that you visit only homes that meet your needs. During a home tour, respect the seller’s space and property. For example, keep the closets open and go through personal items like dressers.

Open Floor Plan

If a home has an open floor plan, buyers may take advantage of the chance to make it their own. This popular layout eliminates interior walls to create a large space that’s more inviting to all areas of the home.

Open floor plans also offer flexibility, making it easy for residents to define rooms based on their needs. Whether setting up a giant TV to watch sports games or using the living room for dinner parties, they can use furniture placement to easily separate spaces. This modern feature isn’t just a fad; it has long been a desirable option for families with kids since parents can supervise them in the kitchen while cooking or hanging out in the living area. It’s an element that will likely positively impact resale value.

Natural Light

As any interior designer will tell you, lighting is the most critical element in a home. Not only does it create a beautiful design, but it also impacts the mood and sense of space in a room. Natural light is crucial, so looking for it when touring homes is important. Exposure to daylight helps keep circadian rhythms in sync, reducing stress levels and promoting sleep and mental health. As a result, natural light has become an increasingly sought-after feature in new home construction, with more attention being placed on both orientation and interior design.

When touring cheap homes for sale in Iowa Colony, TX, it’s important to see how much natural light each room gets and where the sunlight hits during different parts of the day. This will give you a better idea of how the home will be lit daily and help you decide whether the property is right for you.


Whether you’re in the market for a new home, cleaning your current house can help you sell it faster and for more money. You should declutter the entranceway and remove family photographs, sports memorabilia, and other personal touches from all rooms, including bathrooms and bedrooms. This helps buyers see the house as theirs and protects your privacy during showings.

You should also scrub every surface, from ceiling fans to baseboards, and clean fingerprints from doorknobs and light switches. Ensure all appliances are spotless and the kitchen is well-organized, with minimal counter clutter. And be sure to sweep the front porch, trim landscaping, paint the door and buy a new welcome mat. These little details give a positive first impression to prospective buyers and make them want to explore more.


Getting caught up in the details is easy when shopping for a home. But the key is to know what’s important to you before you start touring homes. For example, the size of a living room may be important if you plan to entertain guests or have a large family. Similarly, the size of bedrooms can be important for growing families or empty nesters looking to downsize. Home listings typically include square footage, which is vital when comparing homes. However, it’s also important to note that a larger home usually has higher heating, cooling, and maintenance costs.

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It’s a well-known real estate adage: Location, location, location. And although lifestyle and preferences will play a role in choosing a home, objective qualities make a good location, such as proximity to amenities and desirable schools. Be sure to pay attention to these when touring homes. Also note the condition of the surrounding neighborhood and nearby landmarks, like restaurants, parks, and train stations. Proximity to these types of amenities can increase a home’s value. During open houses, avoid bad-mouthing a property or calling out specific details. This can backfire and cause the seller to think you must be more serious about a potential offer. This could impact the final price you end up paying. If a particular house or area is important, consider scheduling a private viewing for a more in-depth evaluation.

Energy Efficiency

Many things that catch a homebuyer’s eye during a house tour can be changed later. A new fence, a fresh coat of paint, or updated appliances are just some cosmetic changes that can be easily and affordably made.

However, the fact that a home is energy efficient must be addressed. Rising utility bills mean that homeowners are increasingly interested in how much a property costs to run, and a low energy rating can add to resale value.

Remember your list of must-haves, nice-to-haves, and deal-breakers when you’re touring homes for sale.


The first rule of home buying is to ensure you find “the one” within your budget. Don’t spend your time touring homes that don’t fit in with what you can afford, including property taxes, homeowners insurance, and monthly mortgage payments. While getting distracted by things like shag carpeting and paint colors is easy, focus on the big picture. Are the structural systems in good shape? Is the yard large enough for your needs?

Be sure to bring a pen and paper to take notes on each house you tour. This will make it easier to compare the pros and cons of each home later on.


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