4 Tips for Keeping Your Lab Organized

4 Tips for Keeping Your Lab Organized

Lab organization can impact your efficiency. If your lab isn’t well organized, accomplishing basic tasks may require extra steps and extra time, which can add up fast. Organizing your lab can minimize such inconveniences and inefficiencies to maximize your productivity. Lab designers have many solutions, from tables to MS benches and station setups. Here are four tips for keeping your lab organized:

1. Use Stations, Benches, and Tables

Workstations and benches can carry all the tools and supplies used in a specific procedure. Some workstations include a mass spectrometry bench and HPLC carts. They have work counters, CPU holders, display arms, pump enclosures, drawers, and other specifications. Installing an MS bench allows you to analyze samples from a single workstation and reduces movement. The drawers also offer storage for supplies, paperwork, and other items.

Lab designers can use microscope stations with ergonomic height-adjustable work surfaces, mobile base options, and electronic controls. Some lab benches and tables are for general lab use and offer storage and carrying room for different supplies. Other workstations have custom features and add-ons for specific protocols. Lab benches can also feature locking casters that release when you want to move them around.

2. Organize Your Smart Benches

A lab bench or workstation can help improve space management, but you must organize it properly. Lab designers and managers can use various practices to optimize their benches for different applications and reduce errors. Consider keeping tools, pipettes, and other compact items on the same side as your dominant hand. Keep common solutions on the opposite side of the bench and less used solutions on the upper shelves.

Your benches must be clean and well-organized for easy access. Keep notebooks away from the experimentation area to avoid spillages. Consider setting up designated areas for general supplies you use often to reduce the time spent tracking items. Take inventories to remove supplies you no longer need in the lab.

3. Use Vertical Space

Lab tables and benches often have vertical space beneath the counter that remains unused. Lab designers can customize their tables to make use of this space. Adding counters and drawers can offer storage for supplies that clutter the precious work surface. The goal is to use the full height available in your lab. If you have ample dead space under a lab bench, you can use it to store bigger supplies or equipment.

Using vertical space may help prevent clutter from piling up in your lab. Consider stacking lightweight equipment on top of heavy items where possible. Make sure stacking won’t damage your equipment. Adding multi-use shelves and hooks can also help you maximize the use of vertical space. They can hold your lab coats, tools, and supplies. One way to use vertical height is by ordering lab benches and tables with custom drawers and add-ons.

4. Use Labels and Management Systems

Labeling lab containers, equipment, and supplies can improve communication between members, especially in shared spaces. Lab technicians use labels to mark container contents, demarcate shelf areas, and provide notices. The label can include initials, notifications, dates, definitions, and more. Consider using a label maker to produce easy-to-read labels.

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Lab managers can use a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to track workflow, inventory, and other activities. The system can provide notifications and alerts when stock levels go below a specific level. Digital documentation also keeps things central and provides easy access to information thanks to advanced search capabilities.

Find a High-quality MS Bench

Investing in an MS bench is one way to improve organization and efficiency in your lab. Custom lab benches offer more storage space to free the work counter. They also accommodate heavier equipment in the vertical space below the work surface. Stick to leading companies that provide premium products and solutions for issues facing lab managers. Choose benches that offer space and storage optimization, flexibility, and scalability.


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