IoT Insights: Never Easier Than This!

IoT Insights

Do you think that machine optimization via IoT is complicated and time-consuming? Read this article and start immediately to get the first results without laborious activities or long strings of code.

Enough with IoT headaches

Do you need to quickly optimize machinery, workstations or entire production lines but are you still waiting to do it because the implementation of the IoT (Internet of Things) takes too long? Sensors and hardware must be carefully selected and calibrated, does programming take hours or even days with the risk of finding incompatibilities during the roll-out phase? No headache: with quick set-up, you can start reading the data and view the results of the related analyzes through a system solution: IoT Insights.

IoT Insights: all-inclusive package

With IoT Insights, machine operators have a compact IoT rack for industrial environments and CE certified which contains all the elements necessary for an IIoT system: sensors, hardware, gateways and connection for viewing.

The software is pre-installed and, after a quick configuration, the user can start to perform analyzes and related assessments locally.

If the specific case requires more computing power, you can simply integrate a cloud service such as Production Performance Manager (PPM).

In combination with a scalable IoT Insights solution, you can optimize entire plants and benefit from, for example, OEE cross-site comparisons.

Open IoT Rack and get started

The IoT rack with IP65 protection rating is supplied plug & play. This way, you won’t have to waste time selecting hardware to install and program it.

As for sensors, the IoT Gateway software, which is supplied pre-installed on an industrial PC, automatically registers the sensors. The entire package also includes Bosch’s CISS multi-sensor solution and, in the future, will also have the SCD multi-sensor ready for networking. As a result, they can be recorded simultaneously

Examine up to eight measurements per sensor (temperature, vibration, magnetism etc.).

IoT Gateway is configured through a web interface in assisted mode. In order to specify devices (sensors, control systems) for processing procedures, no programming is necessary. Simply select and parameterize them: the data flow can thus start in a few minutes.

Simple local analysis with IoT Insights dashboard software

The production data collected by the IoT Gateway are simply displayed and compared with the relevant target values. With the IoT Insights dashboard software as an additional component of the complete solution, machine operators have exactly the tool they need.

After a short setup via the web, you can start monitoring individual machines or workstations in zero time.

By using IoTRacks on individual machines, significant comparisons can be enabled on the entire production line. In the event of significant deviations from a target value, the software sends alarms or messages (e.g. by e-mail).

Off-line evaluations can also be carried out as the data can be saved in a database in a structured and standardized way by creating Digital Twin.

IoT: integration of automation and I4.0

Isn’t experimenting your forte?

With IoT Insights, everything combines perfectly: from the sensor to the analysis level and even to the cloud level. All the automation and IoT elements make the system adaptable to future developments. In fact, the IoT Gateway software supports numerous open standards such as OPC UA. This offers advantages including key connectivity for expansions, for example Bosch’s Heatmap software, where any bottlenecks and delays in your production flow are displayed, just like road traffic in navigation apps.

What about security?

For us, it is the basis of IoT. In fact, numerous security functions are available such as encrypted OPC UA communication, an IoT firewall and VPN access. To offer functions designed for specific needs, IoT Insights is available in two levels:

  • IoT Insights Standard offers easy entry into the IoT world. Operators can analyze up to two machines.
  • IoT Insights Advanced, which includes IoT Edge Computing racks, offers a high degree of flexibility, as it is not limited to two machines and allows for a higher sampling rate.

Optimize like true IoT Insights experts

With Bosch Rexroth’s IoT Insights, you can become an IoT expert in no time. You can start immediately, without technical obstacles that prevent implementation. Did you know that this solution has already been in use for some time? Bosch Rexroth Service and external consultancies use it to discover potential for improvement in production, allowing companies to react quickly in the event of deviations from the targets.

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