Apply for VAT

VAT Registration UAE- How to Apply for VAT in UAE

Being suitably registered under the UAE VAT law clearly indicates that a business entity has been acknowledged by the Government as a supplier of services/goods and has authorization for collecting VAT from customers while remitting the same to the Government as well. VAT registered businesses will be able to do the following activities:In this article […]

Real Estate vs. Stocks Where Should You Invest In

Real Estate vs Stocks: Where Should You Invest In

Any seasoned businessman or investor will tell you that they made a fortune out of either real estate or stock. Both stocks and real estate provide enormous returns in due time. With the right approach, you can make a lot of money in both. However, which option should you go for: Real Estate vs Stocks? […]

Cash Desk

Cash Desk With Acquiring

Trading equipment used to pay for goods and services is constantly being improved. This is caused both by market competition and the need to comply with legal requirements. In the article we will tell about the features of one class of such devices – online cash desks with acquiring. Online Cash Desk With Acquiring: What […]

Refinancing Advice

Refinancing Advice With Your Current Lender – The Best Choice

Find out information about should I refinance my mortgage and discover important advice about mortgage refinance no closing costs. Shopping around when trying to refinance is something that should not be overlooked. While many people may believe that refinancing with their current lender is the best option, how can they be sure unless they have […]